BREXIT happened, Trump won and far right candidates are on the rise in many countries in Europe. Most big media are against them and still a large group of people support them.

Does it make sense that the presidential elections in US have been won by someone who offended women, Mexicans, veterans and war heroes and has almost non-existing support among the African-American community. It does- he won.

When pollsters put a survey they ask many questions and in media you can see mostly who they will support on election day. There might be questions on health care, social security, economy etc. But you will barely see the answer of another question- How much does that matter?

During the US elections several times there were interviews with Trump voters saying that he will not do some of the things that he just said. It is a perfect example of a statement that doesn’t matter.

So in many cases media miss what matters for voters. Going to the polls is something similar to buying a lottery ticket. It is a single vote for each one of us and a hope that things will get better. For a while you are all alone and nobody sees who do you vote for. And most of the time you get nothing in return.

People are not mad- they are out of hope.

So if you are candidate from the establishment hopeless people will not trust you that much. The “American Dream” is not only American. It is not about the other “crazy” candidate- it is also about his opponent.

Elections are about a promise. So it is expected that most of the promises will stay promises. Governing is about fulfilling promises.

Elections are also about trust- new politicians are more trusted – old ones will have hard time to carry the message of change.

And finally elections are about winning. If your party/candidate does not project a winning mentality he/she will not get enough support.

Politics is about getting people together and winning. If you can not get people together probably you are not answering the question that they are asking.

Questions matter more. Answers are easy if you know the question.