Probably you know that Bon Jovi has a new album and Richie Sambora left the group. You will hear about that in this video but the reasons for sharing it are different.


You now Jon Bon Jovi as a musician but probably you don’t know that much about the person that helps his community in so many ways (so watch the whole video because this part is at the end).

He has worked for NGO’s like Special Olympics, AIDS Foundation and the American Red Cross.

He donated 1 million dollars for building 28 homes in Louisiana after hurricane Katrina.

There is also The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation and you will see this great 33-seat restaurant that has served more than 59 000 meals.

My point- it is not only music.


It is not easy to tell a great story in 4 minutes. By my standards of journalism this is a home run.

ABC rocks!

So if you want to become journalist- learn from the best.