The case describing how the President of the United States Donald Trump fired the Head of FBI James Comey is one of those described in my book Reputation strategy. So it was important for me to buy his book and understand more about his views.

Bulgarian version you can buy here:

If you read the book you will see that on one side there are legal problems on the other side there are ethical choices.

Those ones we solve based on our values as not everything is described in legal documents. Most people use common sense based on what they learned fromĀ  their family or by following their religion or faith. Companies speak about values and Code of Conduct.

This post intends to recommend the book and I will share with you just a short quote from it-

“Ethical leaders never ask for loyalty. Those leading through fear-like a Cosa Nostra boss- require personal loyalty. Ethical leaders care deeply about those they lead, and offer them honesty and decency, commitment and their own sacrifice. They have a confidence that breeds humility. Ethical leaders know their own talent but fear their own limitations- to understand and reason, to see the world as it is and not as they wish to be. They speak the truth and know that making wise decisions requires people to tell them the truth. And to get that truth, they create an environment of high standards and deep consideration- “love” is not too strong a word- that builds lasting bonds and makes extraordinary achievement possible. It would never occur to an ethical leader to ask for loyalty.”

James Comey, A Higher Loyalty